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When one thinks about poker the picture usually coming to mind is of a dark room filled with smoke or a neon lighted, giant casino hall. Either way, most people imagine poker game as a contest between a bunch of players around one round table. Though essentially this assumption is true and poker rally is a battle between several players, texas holdem poker tournaments are a common event now days. Starting with the world famous World Series Poker to a habitual, small casino tournament - poker tournaments are popular as ever today.

A poker tournament is essentially a standard league formation tournament. Players are divided between tables and are given an equal amount of chips, which is usually the buy in for a table. The player that wins the game moves to the next level. Not surprisingly, what scares most novice players from taking part in tournaments is the admission fee. This is the reason that the most popular type of poker tournament today is the Free Roll Poker Tournament.

Free Roll tournaments are the same as any poker tournament but with one big difference - no entry fee at all! No deposit requirements, no raked hands or bonus points needed, just log in and play. Free Roll tournaments are very popular among online poker operators as they incite and reward loyalty to the poker room. Those tournaments usually offer relatively small prizes, but no risk at all. At the worst case you'll break even – no prize won and no cash spent!

Paul Campbell, 20-09-05, Editorial Staff.