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The Importance of Texas Hold'em Poker Position

Texas hold'em poker position is a term that indicates the place of the player on the poker table. In no other game is the player's position as important as in Texas Hold'em poker positions. Basically, it is best to be in the late Texas hold'em poker position, so you can see the other player's bets and play actions, and it is least preferred to be in the early position, where you can only guess how to bet.

The Texas Hold'em poker early position indicates players seated in the three seats to the left of the dealer. This is the least preffered position in the game.

The Texas Hold'em poker middle position refferes to the players seated after early position players and before late position players.

The Texas Hold'em poker Late position are the dealer and the two players to his right. This is the most preffered position in Texas hold'em poker.

Why is it better to be in late position when playing Texas Hold'em poker?

  • The earlier your Texas hold'em poker position is, the larger risk you have when you call before the flop. This is because there is a bigger chance you will get raises from other players. If you know about the raises, as players in late position know, you have the option not to call, and can prevent the mistake made for early position.
  • In early position You sometimes call instead of fold . Let's say you are in early position and call $10. After you call, you see two more people raise. If you had known they were going to raise you probably would have folded and your $10 would have been saved. The same goes for the opposite option, when you fold instead of calling.
  • You know how many callers there are in late position. Sometimes playing a hand is determined by the number of callers on the table. When you are in early position you cannot know that number. Playing Texas Hold'em poker for a long time will give you the skill to recognize what the number of callers mean to your next play action.
  • You can have more information about the other player's starting hands with a later position, and you can better decide what to do with your hand according to the previous playing moves.
  • For worse hands, you can lower the number of unwanted bets made if you are in the right position of Texas Hold'em poker. This is because if you check first then your opponents will bet almost definitely because they will know you have a bad hand. But if they are in early position and they check, then you can also check their bet.
  • Texas hold'em poker position is most important for higher stake games. If you are playing Texas Hold'em poker games with no-limit or a large limit such as $100, the importance of the position is larger because every raise and bet is a lot of money. However, Play games of Texas Hold'em poker will also offer an advantage for early position.

It is better to be in a later position in Texas Hold'em poker, but more important is to know what are the advantages of a later position, so you can utilize the position better.

Phil Lazarus, Editor - 5/2/2006