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Play free texas hold'em poker games online using play money

Play money texas hold'em poker games are extremely popular in today's online poker rooms. Play money games are simply a way to play poker on the internet with real people but without risking any real money. Play money texas hold'em poker rooms provide their players with virtual poker chips. This chips can be used inside the poker rooms just as regular chips, but the money you win exists only inside the game and practically fake. Most people that play in these rooms do it either for pure entertainment purposes and pastime fun, to familiarize themselves with the poker room's software and visuals or to learn the very basics of poker. If you feel that you might relate to the later group we recommend you to read our article about Texas Hold'em poker rules. or some of our other Texas Hold'em concerning articles.

The most important thing to remember is that although internet play money poker games can be very pleasurable, they have very limited potential to strengthen your skills and in fact may even hurt them. Because this games are played without any real money at stake, people play them very differently. If you are trying to improve your game and want to practice in the play money poker rooms, you might do more harm than good. Play money players will go in with almost any hand, disregarding its quality or any chance it has to win. It is highly unlikely you will ever play against real money players that will throw their money at you. Players will play almost any flop if they have any possible draw, even if there is a much stronger possible draw. If the board clearly has a flush or a near-flush draw on it and they have a slim chance of drawing a straight, any bet you will make will be called.

Furthermore, being a winning player in texas hold'em play money poker games means entirely nothing at the real money tables. In fact a successful player is more than likely to constantly lose in real tables. The habits formed at this types of games are very hard to shake off. Play money poker players usually can not even understand what is it that they doing wrong when their play money tactics repeatedly fail in regular games.

None the less, there is one type of poker that is similar to internet play money games. Freeroll texas hold'em tournaments are for all intents and purposes play money tournaments that have real cash prize at the end. In freeroll poker tournaments players play very similarly to play money players as they two have nothing in stake. Of course this highly depends on the size of the prize. If a 2000 players multi-table tournament offers 25$ to the first place, players will not much effort into their game. If the same size tournament offers a sit to the WPT it is a whole different story. Remember that all that play money players risk is their pride and their time. In poker is much more important than both.

Phil Lazarus, Editor