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Texas Hold'em Poker Position Strategies

In this guide we will tell you the best position strategies to use in Texas Hold'em poker in order to get an edge over other players in the stage of the starting hands.

There are three Texas Hold'em poker possible positions. When you are handed the hole cards as the game starts, you should play according to you table Hold'em poker position. Next we will detail which cards to play with for each position.

Early position usually consists of the first three places after the button (where the dealer sits). This is true for games with more than six players. Early position is the worst position for Texas Hold'em poker. In early Hold'em poker position, only play with the following cards:

  • High Pairs: A A, K K, Q Q, and J J
  • High Suites: A K, A Q, K Q, A J, K J, Q J
  • Other High Cards: A K, A Q, K Q
  • Middle Hold'em poker position usually consists of the players after the first three seats and before the last seats for games over six players. In this position you should play with cards like the following or better:

    • High Suites: A 10, K 10, Q 10
    • A J, A 10, K J, etc.
    • Pairs like 10 10, 9 9, 8 8
    • Late position includes the last three players, and is the best position for Texas Hold'em poker. Players should play loose and continue with hole cards like:

    • Consecutive cards: 6 7, 3 4, etc.
    • Any pairs
    • Cards that include an Ace
    • Importance of Hold'em poker Position Strategies

      Learning position strategies gives you a great tool for understanding how to win Hold'em poker. The position factor is most important for the Hold'em poker game, because the dealer is the last to play and the man under the gun acts first every betting round. Another reason for the importance of position in Hold'em poker is that there are a lot of betting round relative to other poker games, 4 in total.

      The earlier your position is, the less likely are you to win in the game of Hold'em poker. When you are in an earlier position you are able to view less bets by other players, thus it is harder for you to estimate which cards the other players are holding and bet accordingly. You have no idea whether the other players will raise or not in early position, and thus you are simply speculating.

      In conclusion, apart from the rules of Hold'em poker, Texas Hold'em poker position strategies might be the most important subject to learn about the game.