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Texas Hold'em Poker Bluffing

One of the reasons why Texas Hold'em Poker is so famous and so popular is bluffing. No other game has the element of bluffing like Texas Hold'em Poker does. One of the places though where a lot of novices and inexperienced players become unstuck is in their use and execution of Texas Hold'em Poker Bluffing.

They watch Texas Hold'em poker on tv and see how with absolute nothing the superstars of poker can pull off a bluff against the guy who has the best hand causing him to fold. In turn, they aspire to play like the superstars and so think they need to bluff like this. What they don’t realize is that a scenario like this is very situational and may only happen once every 200 hands.

There are many elements you need to be in-sync to be able to successfully execute Texas Hold'em bluffing like this. Position, chip stack size, the stage of the game and the stage of the hand all matter a great deal. Not of course forgetting the actual cards for one moment.

Successful Texas Hold'em bluffing also has history to it and may have been in the works for the past 10 hands. You may have lost a pot to him previously and he might think the same outcome is about to follow. Incidents which happened there lead to what happens with the bluff. You just can’t blindly say, “I am going to bluff every hand” otherwise you will find yourself out of the tournament as soon as it has begun.

Another thing about Texas Hold'em bluffing is that you never know when your opponents are bluffing. While you may be on your merry way bluffing them, they may be yanking your chain and holding the best hand, wanting you to keep raising the stakes and pushing more of your chips into the pot.

If you are going to want to bluff while playing Texas Hold'em Poker choose your time very carefully and know exactly what you are trying to do and what you will do given the reactions your bluff causes. Nothing is quite like a science like Texas Hold'em poker bluffing. If you are re-raised what are you going to do? Your opponent could also be bluffing but may have a superior hand. Exactly what kind of hand do you have and how good could it be? If you don’t seriously consider the answer to every single of these questions Texas Hold'em Bluffing is going to be your biggest enemy and you will basically be handing all your chips over to your opponents.

Susan McClary - Senior Editor