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Texas Hold'em Poker Rules

The basic Texas Hold'em poker rules are depicted in this page, along with all the information the aspiring poker player needs.

If you know poker rules, it will make it easier for you to understand Texas Hold'em poker rules, which are practically the same, apart from some details.

The object of the game is the same as any other poker game, which is to reach the best 5 card hand by the end of the betting rounds.

Betting Hold'em Poker Rules

The first thing you need to learn about in Texas Hold'em poker rules are the initial bets placed in the game. These bets are called blind bets, because the two players who place them are blind to how other players will gamble.

In the Texas Hold'em poker game, the two player that make the initial bets sit to the left of the dealer, which is marked by a button symbol. Texas Hold'em poker rules rotate the role of the blinds every new game that starts.

There are two blind bets, the small blind and the big blind.

The small blind sits to the left of the button, and is the first initial bet that is placed in the sum of the limit of the game. If it is a $2-$4 limit Texas Hold'em poker game, then the small blind will in the sum of $2.

The big blind sits to the left of the small blind, and places a wager which is double what the small blind places.

As the game progresses, players can choose to bet in the following ways:

  • Check - To stay in the game and not add money to the pot. This is done when nobody else raised.
  • Call - Match the previous bet that was made, and stay in the game.
  • Raise - Match the previous bet and add to the pot more money.
  • Fold - To forgo the wagers put already in the pot and get out of the current game.

The Deal

Pre-flop stage - After the blind bets are places, the next stage occurs when two cards are dealt faces down to each player.

These are called hole cards. Each player is able to only view his own hole cards.

After the hole cards are dealt, another betting round is played.

The Texas Hold'em Poker Flop - Next, Three community cards, called the flop cards, are placed face up on the table. These are cards which are shared by each of the players.

A betting round quickly follows the deal of the flop cards.

The Turn - This is the forth community card that is placed on the table, also called forth street. After this card is dealt another betting round occurs.

The River - This is the final card to be dealt, also called fifth street. Following this deal is the final betting round.

The Showdown - This is the final stage of the game, when each of the players choose five cards out of the two hole cards and the five community cards that are available. The players show their hands and the winner is declared, according to the Hold'em poker rules of hand ranking.

Texas Hold'em Poker rules for winning - The winner in Texas Hold'em poker is either the player with the highest ranked hand, or the last player to remain on the table. This winner gets the pot that has accumulated during the game.

There are different types of games you can play with Texas Hold'em poker. Among these variations are:

  • games played with limit Hold'em poker rules, Where the betting is increased in set sums.
  • No limit games, where betting has no limit, and can be done for any sum. This variation has special importance for the Texas Hold'em position in the game.
  • Pot limit games, where the betting Hold'em poker rules restrict you to bet up to the current size of the pot.

Phil Lazarus, Editor - 6/24/2006