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Texas Hold'em Tips

In this article we will shortly review the basic and most essential tips for Texas Hold'em poker. These tips alone will not turn you into a professional poker player, but they will put you on the right road. It is highly recommended that you'll continue to read our next articles about more advanced tips for Texas Hold'em poker.

The most common mistake every beginning poker player makes is insisting playing weak hands. Many times novice players tend to play a hand they will most likely lose. Some players feel that the posted blind is their money and they need to protect their investment. This false conception will cost you money. The minute you posted the blind, it is not your money anymore, there is no point in losing more money just to try and save it. Play only prominent-looking hands.

The next important decision you'll face after receiving the hole cards is the flop. The flop is the most crucial part in your bet/fold decision. Most players do not understand the full importance of the flop. The flop is more than just the first three cards on the board, it is 71% of your hand. If you're asking why 71% than the answer is easy – at the moment of the flop you'll have 5 cards in your hand. After the turn and the river you'll 7. 5 out of 7 are equal to 71%.

Never stay in the game after this point if you don't have a strong hand with at least one high pair. If anyone else raises after you and you have a mediocre hand, fold. These are the most basic tips for Texas Hold'em poker. All you need to keep in mind is to keep following are more advanced tutorials.

Bob Miller, Editorial Staff 09.20.05